Media is an integral part of the worship experiences of our ministries. We utilize media in the hope of drawing our congregation into more intimate worship with their Creator as well as to provide copies of our services to our congregation.

Live Production

Our worship experiences are enhanced by creative elements such as audio, video, lighting, and graphic media. These elements help people engage in worship more deeply and allow us to make our services more interactive and creative. In addition to producing our weekend services, we support other ministries of our church in creating environments for worship. We rely on teams of volunteers to execute the various aspects of our services' technical production.

Recording and Post-Production

Part of what we do is make our weekend services available on DVD, VHS, CD, and online. We have a team of dedicated camera operators, video directors, and audio engineers to assist in recording our services. The footage is then edited, remixed, and mastered so that it is available for our homebound members and for archiving purposes.

We are always seeking interested and dedicated people that wish to assist in producing our worship experiences. If you're interested in serving on a rotational basis, please contact us.