We Love St. Charles

As a church, we believe that God is calling us not only to worship together on Sunday, but to be the church in our community every day of the week. The way that God is corporately calling our church body to fulfill that is through the vision of We Love St. Charles. We have found that there are great needs right here in St. Charles and have committed to serve low-income families and individuals within 63303, 63304, and 63376. Rather than providing a hand-out or trying to convince them to come to our church, we as the church must go to them with unconditional love and the good news of the gospel. We Love St. Charles will consistently send out our members to walk alongside the needy families in our area. While this will include some initiatives and projects, this will be an ongoing effort that focuses on long-term restoration. These continual efforts will be facilitated through our Life Groups and Bible Studies.

We truly feel that our Coats for Kids initiative will give us a database and a connecting point for building new relationships with needy families in St. Charles County. As we receive requests for coats and future needs, we will pass those on to our Life Group and Bible Study leaders. Then, these small groups will take ownership of the family and start to develop a relationship through meeting their needs and sharing the gospel with them. This approach is decentralized and will require all of our small groups to be committed to the ongoing work that will help families meet long-term goals and introduce them to Jesus.

Unlike many of the one-day service projects we have done in the past, we as a church are not going to be able to plan everything out for each small group. As we see in Scripture, there is no specific formula for missional living. We are encouraging each small group to get creative in their approach as they love and serve their neighbors. Your group may be able to rake some leaves for an elderly woman and then share a meal with her afterwards. Maybe your group will be able to provide groceries and help a single mother find a job to provide for her children. These acts of love reflect Christ in deed and then we have the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Sometimes your effort will serve multiple families such as a community barbecue with activities for the kids. However God uses your small group, we want you to take your families with you and use your own resources to meet the needs of others.

When we look at Christ and his disciples, we see humble servants that placed others’ needs before their own. This is the attitude that we want to carry with us into the communities of St. Charles. Before we get involved with this effort, we must also look at our motives. We are not doing this to feel good about ourselves or because we have pity on those in need. The Bible says that Christ’s love compels us to live out the gospel as his ambassadors. We are doing this because God is a sending God and he has sent us in the power of his Holy Spirit to be Jesus in our communities. It is a privilege to imitate our Savior by living out the gospel in the city that God has placed us in. In doing so, the gospel will be proclaimed in St. Charles, people will be drawn to God, and his Kingdom will be expanded. As we move forward, we see that Missional Living is part of the DNA of this church. I hope that each of you will get involved with We Love St. Charles as we take the gospel to our community together.

More information is available at welovestcharles.com.