Harvester Discipleship Conference

Friday, 6:30PM

Opening Teaching - Bob Ingle - Why Financial Discipleship? Is the church all about money?


Friday, 8:00PM :: Breakout 1

Clayton Lindemuth, “The Traps of Financial Gurus/ What’s wrong with the Prosperity Gospel”

Does God promise Health and Wealth? Is prosperity just a matter of reciting the right prayer every day? The truth is surprising, and gives us plenty to be grateful for. This session reviews the history of the prosperity gospel, the teachings of popular financial entertainers, and compares their teachings to actual Biblical financial principles.

Bob Schnur, “Retirement: Now What?”

So you're finally retired or thinking about it in the foreseeable future. This session will address topics dealing with what life ahead looks like such as:
What does the Bible say about retirement?
What does Christian retirement look like?
Things your retirement planner won't tell you.

Marita LaChapell, “Your Legacy: Family. Church. Charity”

Move your giving from Spontaneous to Strategic, maximize the impact!

Clifton Wise, “High-Wire Stewardship: Balancing Faith & Wisdom in Financial Decision-Making”

In this breakout session, we will describe and attempt to resolve the tension between living life with reckless abandon like there's no tomorrow and living life with steadfast surety like there will always be tomorrow. Achieving a balance among these often divergent perspectives can help inform healthy financial decisions and Godly stewardship.

Saturday, 9:30AM :: Breakout 2

Gary Grannemann

“It Doesn’t Grow on Trees: Teaching Kids about Money"

Ryan & Sarah Fronick, “Financial Fitness 101: Where Do I begin?”

"Financial Fitness 101" will help you lay the foundation for becoming financially fit. This workshop will address the following questions:
- What determines financial success?
- What is my money view, and how does it affect my financial fitness?
- How can I be a good steward of money? (Is it a tool for my purpose?)
- How do I transform my financial portfolio by renewing my mind?
- How do I develop a financial action plan to help me leverage the right habits?
- How (and why) should I tithe?

Clayton Lindemuth, “ The most common places where people lose money”

Because we tend to make financial decisions one at a time, without considering their effect on our whole financial picture, we often wind up with large percentages of our household incomes that aren’t working for our household’s benefit. In this session Clayton presents real case studies demonstrating more than twenty ways to recapture dollars otherwise lost to inefficiencies in debt structure, insurances, investment fees, and taxes.

Marita LaChapell, “Retire Wisely: Retirement Income Planning”

Luke 14:28 says "For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?" We will discuss the key risks to manage for a successful "Second Half". For all age and income ranges! Targeted to those beginning to think about retirement and those who have already taken the plunge!

Saturday, 10:45AM :: Breakout 3

Marita LaChapell, “Wealth Transfer vs. Wisdom Transfer”

Preparing the next steward is as important as planning the transfer. Designed for individuals/ families ready to begin preparing the next generation.

Clifton Wise, “Extremes in Generosity: Giving in Times of Survival and Surplus”

In this breakout session, we will compare and contrast what generosity looks like in two extremes: when you are living paycheck to paycheck without any margin and when you have reached your financial goals and have more than you need. How does faithfulness change with changing times and circumstances?

Ryan & Sarah Fronick, “Money & Marriage, From Me to We”

"Money & Marriage" is designed to help couples at any stage create and build their financial future together. During this workshop, you will learn how to do the following:

- Identify your values & attitudes about money
- Discover and appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of each other's personalities, love languages and core fears
- Set goals, individually & as a couple
- Use tools to help you reach your goals
- Have healthy conversations about money
- Make informed financial decisions together

Clayton Lindemuth, “Biblically Responsible Investing”

Exxon ended abortion philanthropy in 2013. Hilton removed pornography from their hotels in 2015. Home Depot ended corporate LGBT activism in 2014. Why? Because Christians used their investment dollars as their voice, through Biblically Responsible Investing. Learn how to make your investments reflect your values, and possibly improve your returns along the way.