Who We Are

At Harvester we sum up everything we are in three words: Worship. Love. Go. We believe that we are called to worship God, love those around us, and to go into our community and the world to share the love of God.

How we accomplish this is supported by our beliefs and our Core Values. We invite you to read through those after you've had a chance to read about who we are.


Because of who God is and what He's done for us, our only response is to worship Him. We strive to do this in all we do together and in our individual lives, but as a church we express our worship corporately through our weekend worship services. In these services we sing praises to God, give financially, and hear truth in the form of a message. If you've never been to Harvester, we invite you to join us this Sunday at 9 or 10:45 AM!


We think that the best way for someone to grow in his/her faith is to be a part of a small group of believers. At Harvester we call these Small Groups. These groups of 8-12 people share life together by seeking life-changing relationships with Jesus Christ as well as intimate fellowship with other believers. This happens in environments conducive to life change by lovingly accepting one another where they are and challenging one another to take the next step of living out their faith.

To learn more about Small Groups, check out the Small Groups page.


We seek to glorify God in all the earth by praying, giving, and going. Just as Jesus did during His time on earth, we strive to live missionally at all times as a church community. Our Life Groups and Bible Studies are integral to our local efforts as they respond to needs both in their own groups and to needs in their surrounding communities. These groups are our church's outreach arm as we strive to restore our city.

We've found that our efforts are most effective when we consistently work with specific missions partners. Check out our Missions page to discover more about how we go locally, nationally, and globally.

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